Devico Magnetic Contactors

Devico Magnetic Contactors

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Key Product Features

  • Function and Parts
    • When electricity flows through the magnetic contactor, it causes the electromagnet to generate a strong magnetic field. This field pulls the iron core into the coil, and creates an electrical arc.
    • Input and output terminals: The size and number of these terminals depends on the voltage of the incoming power and where the power source is single-phase or three-phase.
    • A magnet and a coil: The magnet is often a horseshoe magnet that fits through a core around which the coil is wound. The core is made from a non-ferrous material to ensure it doesn’t retain a magnetic field when the power is off.
    • A spring: The function of the spring is to keep the contacts open and the power to the load off.


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315 reviews for Devico Magnetic Contactors
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