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Jawed Corporation is located in Karachi. Our products have attained ISO13485, ISO9001, CE and FDA certifications. Goods are imported from Europe, Korea and China. We can inspect product quality and arrange shipments for customers. Our primary objective is the satisfaction of our customers. We are committed to achieving the highest quality in the service of the provided products.

Our story began in 1974. The company started dealing in machineries and switch gear items. However, the motivation and trend is shifted towards the high standard European electrical products. Today, we are privileged to connect with thousands of customers with highly exceptional products.

Founder's Profile

Late Abdul Samad Faruqi was the son of famous businessman Sh. Wilayat Ahmad. It was the built-in passion which helps him to carry his legacy from Patiala, Punjab, India to Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. At one time he was running his businesses from Karachi, West Pakistan and Dhaka, East Pakistan. The main aim was to import and introduce new European level machineries and various electric items in cheap prices. He then laid the foundation of Jawed Corporation in 1974. By then it got famous for being high standard goods importer from Europe, Korea and China. The quality and standard of products remained the main motto. He was selfless with the belief to serve his customers. He is considered as a brand name of trust and compliance in the market.

Electric Wheelchair

Key Product Features

  • Safety & durability based on independent lab testing
  • Brings more freedom and independence
  • Fewer auxiliaries
  • Folds very quickly and is extremely compact for storage
  • Just fold it up on your car to transport and no need to install parts
  • All airlines approved wheelchair battery
  • Uses a high quality lithium-ion-phosphate battery
  • The battery is protected by an aluminum alloy shell to be more safer
  • Easy fold, portable, ultra light
  • Power indicator, charging point
  • Soft seat and backrest cushion
  • Shock mitigation system

Devico SS3 EOCR

Key Product Features

  • Super small
  • Over-current circuit breaker lock protection
  • Separate set-up for each operation-delay / operation-delay-time
  • Wide range of set-up
  • Wide range of free voltage
  • Operation indicator and identification of actual current (LED)
  • Manual / Electrical recovery
  • Hard condition resistant
  • Super economic in power saving
  • Low voltage induced electromotor (600V Level) protective relay
  • Break-down watch current relay
  • Alternative replacement for the existing relay

Devico MCCB

Key Product Features

  • Rated current: 400 ~ 800AF Medium capacity
  • Improved breaking capacity
    • 400AF: 65kA at 460V (Limiting type)
    • 800AF: 85kA at 460V (Limiting type)
  • Expansion of models: Economic type, Standard type, High-insulation type, Limiting type
  • Highly reduced material cost thanks to the all-in-one type MCCB and zero phase current transformer
  • Reduced panel installation space
  • One-touch combination structure (ZCT withdrawal line)
  • Improved assembly and quality thanks to replacement to 600AF (3P, 4P)
  • Cost reduction and competitive price thanks to reduction of 600AF (3P, 4P)

Devico Magnetic Contactors

Key Product Features

  • Function and Parts
    • When electricity flows through the magnetic contactor, it causes the electromagnet to generate a strong magnetic field. This field pulls the iron core into the coil, and creates an electrical arc.
    • Input and output terminals: The size and number of these terminals depends on the voltage of the incoming power and where the power source is single-phase or three-phase.
    • A magnet and a coil: The magnet is often a horseshoe magnet that fits through a core around which the coil is wound. The core is made from a non-ferrous material to ensure it doesn’t retain a magnetic field when the power is off.
    • A spring: The function of the spring is to keep the contacts open and the power to the load off.

Siemens QRA2 Flame Detector

Key Product Features

  • Flame detector is used to monitor the gas flame, yellow or blue fuel combustion flame and spark ignition of proofreading
  • This type of flame detector monitoring for gas or fuel flame signals is generated by the UV radiation emitted by flame
  • Radiation detector is a UV photocell with two electrodes, when it was the 190 – 190nm range in spectrum of light will be lit, so start the flame detection of the current in the circuit
  • Technical parameters
    • UV The life expectancy unit: 10,000 hours (At 50 degrees Celsius)
    • Protection level: IP40
    • Weight 60g
    • Transportation environment: IEC 60721-3-2
    • Internal conditions: Class 2K2
    • Mechanical condition: 2M2
    • Temperature range: -20 to +60
    • Mechanical condition: 3M
    • Running environment: IEC 60721-3-3

Siemens LFL1.335

Key Product Features

  • Gas burner controls
    • For gas, oil or dual-fuel forced draft burners of medium to high capacity
    • For multistage or modulating burners in intermittent operation; for safety reasons, at least one controlled shutdown must take place every 24 hours
    • With checked air damper control
    • Flame supervision: with UV detectors QRA, and with ionization probe
  • Uses
    • Control and supervision of forced draft burners of expanding flame and interrupted pilot construction
    • For medium to high capacity
    • For intermittent operation (at least one controlled shutdown every 24 hours)
    • Universally applicable for multistage or modulating burners
    • For use with dual-fuel burners
    • For use with stationary air heaters
    • The difference between 01 series and 02 series is the duration of the safety time for the pilot burner of burners equipped with pilot gas valves
    • For atmospheric burners of high capacity, employ LFL1.638 type

Perkins Generator

Key Product Features

  • Features
    • Perkins is the world’s leading power manufacturer since 1932
    • Advanced technology and powerful performance
    • Compact mechanism and mature design
    • Good cooling system
    • Digital display and modular control
    • Multiple safety measures
    • Rigorous factory tests
  • Benefits
    • More safe, stable and reliable power
    • More economical with long service life
    • Beautiful appearance and small size
    • User-friendly design and simple operation
    • People-oriented and safety first
    • Quality assurance
    • Base fuel tank for at least 10 hours running

Gas Protector Relay UK – 202F/U

Key Product Features

  • Model and Description
    • UK-202F: Protectorelay for Combustion Safety Control & Automatic Operation of Gas burners with flame rod (current sensor). Valve 2 stage with pilot valve
    • UK-202U: Protectorelay for Combustion Safety Control & Automatic Operation of Gas burners with Ultraviolet flame Detector (C7027A or C7035A). Valve 2 stage with pilot valve
  • Characteristics
    • Power supply: AC-Voltage 200 -240V, Frequency: 50-60 Hz
    • Electricity consumption: Below 4.5VA
    • Ambient temperature: 20 °C to 60 °C (While not frozen and not dew-drop)
    • Standard pre-purge (15s) or special pre–purge (35s)
  • Repair and Maintenance
    • Cut off electric power immediately and check the cause when the alarm beeps during the operation of device and put the reset-switch on after taking the necessary steps

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Muhammad Jawed Faruqi

Muhammad Jawed Faruqi

Email: jawed@vibrant-booth.135-181-163-109.plesk.page

Mr. Faruqi is following his family traditions and working on similar lines to ensure best seller/consumer relationship. Providing different electrical solutions ranging from small tenant fit-outs to big box retail clients. He brings decades of experience to the business. He belongs to a well-known business family. Under his corporate leadership, Jawed Corporation is a trusted name in the market today.

Our aim here is to have satisfied and loyal clients in our store. That is only possible with direct customer communication and rapid maintenance activities to gain trust of our exsisting clients and to attract new client on board. For that we provide both replacement and maintenance warranties to build and broaden client relationship. This gives client good value for money and deepens client’s trust on us.