Davico products have achieved the certifications from the Certified International Quality Management Authorities and we are supplying the believable and precise products by ceaseless technological innovation.


■Phase Reversal and Phase Loss Protection by Voltage Detection


  • Detect phase reversal and phase loss by voltage and operates in advance, so it protects load more securely.


■Without the external CT, it is available to use up to 120A.

  • Available in combining with all MCs that are less than 120A of rated current (Max. wire size is 38mm2).


■In Phase Loss, protecting it after O-TIME without experiencing D-TIME

  • Our 3ESS type is a 2 CT type and a separate phase loss detection circuit is adopted, so that it protects phase loss securely regardless of current setting.


■Troubleshooting for the malfunction due to noise and its cause of defect

  • With the adoption of the high quality power circuit (licensed), it completely troubleshoots the malfunction due to strong high frequency noise and its cause of defect, which have been the defects of previous products.


■Circuit Design basically increased in reliability by using verified parts only.

  • Designed with the widely-used IC which has been verified its stability for some decades, it completely removes the cause of defects, while the usual electronic over current relays using the one-chip micom, MCU (Microprocessor Control Unit) which is integrated several hundreds of thousands of semiconductors are to be weak to noise in structure.


■Highly convenient for installation and using

  • For the Contactor mounting types, it is more convenient to work with the design of the auxiliary terminal attachment.

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